Hilary Lloyd @ Raven Row London

British artist Hilary Lloyd creates images employing photography, slides and video. All involving images participate actively and perform for her camera; they compose an intense environment – it could be described as a moving collage – consisting of views of modern cities around the world, road works, samples of industrial architecture and fashion magazines.

This is Lloyd’s first major show in Britain in a decade and it successfully demonstrates the power of digital technological media, which are strategically and symmetrically placed – almost choreographed – around the gallery space.

Lloyd’s technology apparatus is closely related to the visual compositions of her images and their more “personal” but raw details. The viewer enters another world, where the objective appearance of images complimented by an array of sound effects turns into a deconstructional practice; this, in turn, leads to the emergence and the reconstruction of a different sense of reality.
|Kostas Prapoglou