Stephen Goddard: One God to Many Devils @ The Fine Art Society, London

Stephen Goddard’s fourth solo exhibition at the Fine Art Society in London showcases a number of new sculptures and mixed media paintings.

Working and experimenting with alternative materials such as cloth, plastic, fabric, lace, horsehair and clay he produces sculptures as well as paintings that ‘behave’ like sculptures. Reflecting the artist’s psyche and personal experiences, we observe references to children’s drawings, images of Goddard’s grandmother or nan, tribal art forms and shapes; all leading towards the creation of raw and primitive-like artwork with occasional eruptions of colour. His paintings are multi levelled and dimensional; they are strong statements of apprehension and distress, electric forms of emotion and expression.

His influence by certain artists is quite clear: the vivid colours and emotional impact of Van Gogh, the expressive intensity and twisted body shapes of Schiele, the primitive style and the strong colours of Dubuffet, the mixed media practices and some techniques explored by Basquiat.

Bearing all these in mind and filtering them with his personal approach Goddard tells us a story of a personal trip bringing back old memories, lost worlds and cultures. Each work is a micro-environment, a small separate cosmos sometimes with written text-messages that allow the viewer to examine more in depth the artist’s world and figure out his experimental mood and presence adaptations with every single piece.
|Kostas Prapoglou