Vincent Dubourg ‘Inside’ @ Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Vincent Dubourg is showcasing his second solo exhibition in London titled ‘Inside’ with eight recent works exploring the dialogue between form construction and deconstruction, the conceptual and functional.

The eight works presented at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery are carefully placed in order to demonstrate the power of form and material as the viewer is able to visually examine their interior space. Dubourg’s traditional furniture making techniques such as wood-bending, glass blowing and metal casting are employed to manipulate the initial status of the object and transform it into different shapes with a new function and purpose.

Each work is created without prior drawings or design and is cut directly from the material and built without any mold or predetermined outcome. Although the violent deconstruction of his objects shows the initial power of industrialisation, we soon come to terms with a demonstration of control over raw material and the ability to create new objects with a unique character and personality. His “double buffet nouvelle zélande” is a great paradigm of a fierce deconstruction of form, separation and recreation of a new identity. The scale model of a three storey staircase is also an impressive example of how material and especially metal can be re-worked and produce both a visual and functional significance.

Dubourg’s work creates a nostalgic atmosphere which derives from the use of classical forms such as a commode, chair or staircase which are successfully reshaped and transformed into modern design pieces.
|Kostas Prapoglou