Barbara Kruger ‘The Globe Shrinks’ @ Sprüth Magers

American artist Barbara Kruger presents a new multi-channel video installation, entitled ‘The Globe Shrinks, 2010’ at Sprüth Magers London. The multi channel video installation continues the artist’s engagement with the kindness and brutality of the everyday and incorporates written and spoken text and scripted interraction, in an exploration of how we express ourselves and communicate with and confront each other.

Born in New Jersey in 1945, Barbara Kruger began her career as an editorial designer, followed by a picture editor at Condè Nast Publications. She started making art in the early 1970s and gradually developed her unmistakable and unique formal language using a powerful combination of image and text.

Since the mid 1990s, Barbara Kruger has diversified her practice and embraced a series of aesthetic expansions which includes working with film and audio installations. This progression into large-scale immersive installations is fuelled by the artist’s longstanding interest in architecture and desire to address the viewer directly within whole environments. Kruger manages to replicate the ‘eye-friendly’ visual language of advertising, blending it in with billboard junk culture. Her video installation carries on in this tradition. It adds potency both politically and lightweight at the same time. This is deliberately ambiguous and could be interpreted as provocative, but is generally vague and on the surface.
|Kostas Prapoglou