David Rickard: Time + Trace @ Sumarria Lunn Gallery

Four projects by New Zealand-born, London-based David Rickard are currently on show at Sumarria Lunn Gallery exploring the role of chance and control throughout the creative process. The exhibition includes a series of photographs taken during ‘Exhaust’, a private performance piece, in which Rickard exhaled for 24 hours filling 98 foil balloons that stretched 20-cb-m. With so much attention focused on harmful emissions from cars, planes and industries, Rickard collected his exhalations to draw a parallel, while forming a weightless sculptural monolith that dwarfed him.

In ‘Constellations Series,’ Rickard attempted to define random occurrences by leaving black steel panels beneath a railway arch at night, later recording the place and order of pigeon droppings that landed at random from perches above. These sequences were chronologically connected with stainless steel wire and encapsulated in resin. The exhibition also includes ‘2708’, whereby Rickard hung 100 broken mirrors. According to superstition, this subjects him to bad luck until 2708.

In the final project, ‘Capacity Series,’ Rickard explored the concept that lead can technically be turned into gold with enough force. Piling lead onto shelves until they buckled under the weight, Rickard then gilded the pieces in 24ct gold. This setting up and then breaching of frameworks is what informs Rickard’s work as he seeks to test his materials and concepts under demanding conditions that will see them collapse or adapt.
“The works within the exhibition all resulted from specific processes which somehow change the physical state of the work” Rickard says. “My inspirations are everyday processes and chance happenings that engage with our relationship to the materials and spaces that surround us”.
|Kostas Prapoglou