Roni Horn: Recent Work @ Hauser & Wirth, Savile Row

Hauser & Wirth Savile Row presents the first solo show of New York based artist Roni Horn since her major survey at the Tate Modern in 2009. With a minimalist sculpture installation at the north gallery and works from the artist’s series ‘You are the Weather’ (1994-1996) at the south gallery the artist explores a journey of identity and location filtered through the viewer’s personal response.

North gallery’s work consists of 10 low cylindrical structures made of coloured glass with fire-polished tops giving the same impression created by a surface of water. This multi-part sculpture is a clear reference to the artist’s homeland, Iceland. Like small round frozen lakes scattered around the large gallery space, the visitor finds themselves wondering around a different landscape dominated by different –to the urban settings they are accustomed to- elements. The transparency created by the glass texture and in combination with the blank canvas environment of the gallery space prompts us to touch and feel the ethereal pools; but apparently this is not allowed.

The south gallery accommodates Horn’s part two of her previous work ‘You are the Weather’ (1994-1996), which was included in the 2009 Tate show. The new work titled ‘You are the Weather, Part 2’ consists of 66 coloured and 34 black and white photographs of the same model as the 1994-1996 series (but 15 years later) situated in a hot spring in Iceland. We are invited to observe and detect the change of the model’s facial expressions, which accord with the analogous changes of the surrounding weather conditions. This facial barometer may be interpreted as a philosophical journey of thoughts and emotions but also as a series of tedious and vacant expressions reflecting no significant variations. The accompanying works on paper are of the same calibre.
|Kostas Prapoglou