Monika Grzymala: Raumzeichnung @ Sumarria Lunn Gallery

Sumarria Lunn Gallery showcases the new exhibition by Polish artist Monika Grzymala.’Raumzeichnung’ (Drawings in Space) is a 3 dimensional installation constructed entirely with monochrome tape. Grzymala builds a complex network of architectural interventions and line drawings responding to the gallery’s interior space.

Previous structures included large scale works and although the size of Sumarria Lunn is relatively small Grzymala has achieved to demonstrate her ability to invade the given space with a ‘tailor made’ work. Starting at the central wall of the gallery the tape expands to the opposite wall covering the nearby arches. The result is an impressive complex network of lines that aggressively produce a new architectural formation before our eyes.

Despite the abstract quality of the overall appearance, Grzymala’s installation is a clear reminder of not only a complicated architectural plan but also of the depiction of the wireless network system that is omnipresent -although not visible- in modern civilisation; it has invaded our everyday life in a similar way “Raumzeichnung” has invaded the gallery space.
|Kostas Prapoglou