Mauro Corda @ Opera Gallery London

Opera Gallery London presents the first solo exhibition of French sculptor Mauro Corda. Starting as a great admirer of ancient Greek sculpture, Renaissance and Rodin, Corda incorporated these influences with his own personal style and continued his training at the Paris Beaux Arts, where he met Jean Cardot. His acceptance at the Casa Velasquez in Madrid in 1985 and the winning of Paul Belmondo prize in the same year somehow established Corda’s name.

The death of his elder brother and the revelation of his homosexuality stigmatised and haunted Corda’s work. He developed a personal style that lies within the representation of the human body in numerous (mainly non-natural) positions. He produces elegant female figures and also male sculptures bearing an androgynous character, a dual personality, a clear reference to his brother’s identity. For his human sculptures Corda mainly employs media such as bronze, stainless steel and aluminium. The viewer’s image is reflected on the sculpture’s clear surface mirroring their visual identity but simultaneously creating a see-through effect where artwork and viewer become one. Other works integrate gruesome skeletal elements generating mixed feelings of admirable beauty but also the presence of a memento mori, a reminder of death.

Corda’s work also involves animal figures in large dimensions supporting their mythical nature. Some of the most impressive works at Opera Gallery include large sculptures with fish that float in their own aquaria. They are constructed of aluminium or stainless steel; each of them has a strong spatial presence and a never ending dialogue with the light of the surrounding environment.
|Kostas Prapoglou