Robert Currie: Latest Works @ Gimpel Fils

Gimpel Fils showcases for the first time six new sculptures created by Robert Currie, a young artist who was selected by Sarah Kent, Jeremy Millar and Gavin Turk for New Contemporaries in 2000 and has also exhibited his fascinating work worldwide.

For his installations at Gimpel Fils, Currie uses certain media such as strands of nylon monofilament, videotape, acrylic and ink. He explores the possibilities of a given area by engaging its boundaries and exploiting the space in between. The creation of a complex network of intersecting lines generates a complicated web-like system that not only plays with light and its reflections but also creates witty optical illusions depending on the observation angle.

With clear references to the work of László Moholy-Nagy, whose innovative work involved the use of semi-transparent materials for the creation of abstract sculpture, Currie produced a series of weightless –almost invisible- artworks. The use of structural geometry in combination with the properties of the employed media generate a unique open dialogue between an environment of disorder and that of order. The latter is the final outcome of the overall process for each sculpture that emerges through the development of their physical status and appearance. Currie has successfully managed to produce structures with a dual character: each of them has a solid presence which gradually dissolves into a fluid form or shape and allows light to take over the main body of the installation.

The system of countless woven lines also reminds us of string instruments. There, each string plays a vital role in the generated sound. In a similar manner, Currie’s sculptures are carefully composed and have profoundly acquired rhythm and harmony.
| Kostas Prapoglou