Silvia Hatzl: ‘A Fragile Existence’ @ Rosenfeld Porcini

Rosenfeld Porcini gallery showcases the UK solo exhibition of German artist Silvia Hatzl, ‘A Fragile Existence’. The show encompasses an array of medium and large size works.

Hatzl’s sculptural pieces are constructed of natural materials such as cotton, silk, linen, wool, paper and sometimes even utilise ash, bone and animal intestines. They form a wide collection of clothing as well as heads and torsos. The clothing sculptures are suspended from metallic hangers; the transparency of their texture gives the impression of human skin while the exhibited heads and torsos appear as mummified body parts.

The eerie atmosphere created by the objective presence of Hatzl’s works is complimented by the dimed lighting. Their careful arrangement in the gallery space allows the viewer to walk amongst them and engage in a visual dialogue.

What seems to be a colony of shadows, a gathering of ghosts, or simply a discourse on human detritus, actually appears as the echo of human existence and its fragility as the show title suggests.

Despite the static nature of Hatzl’s works, there is an underlying tendency for motion. Their positioning reminiscent of a curious ritualistic choreography, illuminates a strong theatrical idiosyncrasy. And it certainly comes as no surprise that the artist will accompany her show with a dance performance, in an attempt to enunciate the need for motion and to personify her creations.

Silvia Hatzl talked to REVma -/+ about her exhibition and work:

REVma -/+: What are the sources of your inspiration?
S.H.: It is something deep inside my inner self, rational not tangible. Music, poetry, nature, taste, fragrance, any source of exchange with my environment leaves consciously unaware impressions. I express these emotions through my work while experiencing a free flow of deep rooted resources.

REVma -/+: Tell us a few things about the materials you use for your sculptures and how do these correspond with human presence.
S.H.: They find me. Being in touch with these diverse materials invite me to give them forms and consistencies and colours, maybe odours and smells, and soul. They always derive from a natural, living origin. Human and animal hair, blood, tears, and other tissues are sometimes integrated in them. They are forgotten memory remains.

REVma -/+: Your work has a strong theatrical character and your exhibition will be accompanied by a dance performance. How did this element of performance emerge through your art?
S.H.: A picture, a sculpture, a dress, a dance need a place to be. They are not independent of any space of living. Their beings and meanings are intimately linked to a context. A performance joins places, works, sounds and movements.

REVma -/+: What would your dream project be?
S.H.: To dream, to sleep , to die … I want to create.